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Residential Valuation


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This eight-hour fully online, self-paced short course is delivered by Dr Michael Rehm and comprises core, university-level course content. For details on the course structure, certificates, etc., please see our Frequently Asked Questions.

​Course fees are plus GST, if any.

Valuation fundamentals including value theory and the factors of value, valuation assignment types, determinants of value, the three approaches to estimating market value (cost, sales comparison and income capitalisation) and special topics on mass valuation and residual land value.

Residential valuers and property managers, property investors and developers, real estate agents, building surveyors, architects and engineers, quantity surveyors, home builders, homebuyers, homeowners wanting to sell their property.

Free Mini-Course: Sales Comparison Approach

Dr Michael Rehm's Residential Valuation online short course provides access to interactive, purpose-made online lectures and detailed, informative course notes.

This online short course features 8 hours of lecture material. Video lectures are organised into 'modules' that average 25 minutes in length. At the conclusion of each video, course participants will be presented with an interactive quiz on that lecture video's content. Participants must attempt all questions in each lecture video's embedded quiz. This course culminates in a 30-minute comprehensive online test with a certificate issued upon completion.  For full details on course completion requirements please see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Participants will have the option to have their comprehensive online test proctored by ProctorU. For those intent on using this short course to satisfy continuing professional development (CPD) obligations, note that some organisations require sitting a proctored test and potentially achieving a minimum score in order to earn CPD credit.  Please verify with your own organisation to fully appreciate if and how our online short courses can earn you CPD hours.

Course FeePlus GST (if any)
Course SuiteProperty Valuation
Course Length8 hours